HailiCare® Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleaner

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HailiCare® Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleaner is a revolutionary device which cleans, lifts, firms, moisturizes skin and makes it glow.

Cleansing Mode

Use time: 3-5 minutes

This mode is used for cleansing, extraction, and exfoliation. Ultrasonic ion vibration removes makeup and deeply cleans face.


Moisturizing Mode

Use time: 10 minutes

You can use essentials, serum or other skin care products along with the device. The skin scrubber will stimulate the absorption of such skin care products.


Lifting Mode

Use time: 10 minutes

This mode uses vibrations of ultrasonic ions which results in effective massaging and lifted skin making it more moisture, smooth and elastic.


Works with every skin type, patented technology guarantees results.

Package contains:
1x Skin Scrubber
1x USB Charger

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